VNT centering rings



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VNT centering ring GT14-149
VNT centering ring GT14-149
Manufacturer: TurboCentras
OEM: 784011-0005, 806291-0001, 806291-0002, 806291-0003, 789016-0001, 789016-0002, 775517-0001, 775517-0002, 789533-0001, 789533-0002, 795090-0003, 795680-0003, 803955-0003, 803955-0005, 803955-0007, 805156-0003, 805156-0006, 817047-0001, 818987-0001, 785448-0003, 785448-0005, 817081-0001, 818988-0001, 818988-0002, 785448-0006
Main number: GT14-149, GA-27-0002, HS-G063-1
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What are centering rings and why are they needed?

Variable geometry centering rings are a component in the construction of car turbochargers, providing sealing for the sections of the system. They are installed at the junction of variable geometry and the turbine housing, where the centering ring influences the control of exhaust gas flow. It ensures maximum density and pressure of exhaust gases in the turbocharging system, increasing engine performance. The use of centering rings also helps reduce power losses in the engine due to leaks, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the car turbocharger. Additionally, centring rings contribute to even temperature distribution and reduce vibrations during turbine operation.

Centering ring: what types are available at Wiatreo online store?

Our company offers quality replacement parts for turbochargers from trusted manufacturers. The store provides various types of centring rings that differ based on turbine specifications, and manufacturer requirements, as well as in terms of shape and installation method. Conformance of the shape ensures optimal fit and minimizes the risk of mechanical damage from vibrations or material expansion during heating. We offer:

- Flat;

- C-shaped.

The Wiatreo online store sells products from factories that pay special attention to the selection of materials for making centering rings. The alloy composition affects their operational characteristics, including high heat resistance, corrosion resistance, and strength at high temperatures. Most rings are made from nickel-based alloys, providing exceptional durability and the ability to withstand the extreme temperatures typical of turbocharger operation. Such an alloy allows the centering ring to maintain its sealing properties over an extended period.

How to order centering rings in Warsaw and other cities in Poland?

Using only high-quality consumable parts is a fundamental rule for maintaining the efficiency of automotive units, especially when it comes to turbochargers. Therefore, saving on such components as centering rings is not advisable, as their improper functioning can lead to serious turbine malfunctions, the repair of which will cost significantly more than the value of quality consumables.

The Wiatreo store is located in Opole and offers a wide range of automotive parts. We ship goods to other cities in Poland, so purchasing is always available for our customers, regardless of their location. Therefore, you can buy centering rings in Wroclaw or order centering rings in Krakow. We also send centering rings to Poznan, Katowice, Gdansk, Bydgoszcz. The store collaborates with well-known logistics companies in the country, so orders for centering rings are often placed in Zhytomyr, Czestochowa, Szczecin, Gliwice, Bialystok, Lodz. Many parcels are sent daily from us to Warsaw, as our regular customers highly value the quality of our products and consider us a reliable partner in turbocharger servicing.

How to order centering rings in the online store with delivery?

The Wiatreo online store can arrange the delivery of orders placed before 16:00 on the next working day, provided that the goods are in stock. Our customers have the opportunity to view the current warehouse stock of goods, check prices in real-time, and also verify the availability of the required auto parts from our suppliers (factories). Choose the necessary products on the website, form the order in the shopping cart, specify the convenient delivery service, and payment method. Receive quality auto parts in your city.