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Remanufactured turbocharger A6510902600R MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 910 2.2 OM651

501.87 €

    About product

    Deposit - We will refund to you the deposit costs if We receive from you the old turbocharger.

    Attention! During the turbine reman process, we use new spare parts - a whole cartridge, nozzle ring, an actuator or a turbine housing if needed! 
    We DON’T use old moving parts!

    Replaced turbocharger numbers:

    • 9V116
    • AL6001
    • A6510902600
    • A6510902400
    • A6510901486
    • V41VEYSR071B


    The turbine is used in the vehicles:

    • MERCEDES-BENZ SPRINTER 910 2.2 OM651 OD 2018


    Turbine re-manufacturing process
    Turbine repair is a complex and lengthy process that requires high qualifications and modern equipment.
    Re-manufactured turbines at Turbocentras UAB go through the following stages:
    1. Dismantling the turbine into parts and ultrasonic cleaning (primary cleaning).
    2. Automatic sandblasting process (secondary cleaning).
    3. Assembling and balancing of the turbine cartridge (only spare parts of our production are used).
    4. Turbine assembly and calibration of the nozzle ring (VNT) / wastegate valve.
    5. Replacement of the moving elements of the electronic actuator (applies only to electronically controlled turbochargers).
    All work is carried out using high-quality equipment. We use the next machines:
    Balancing: Turbotechnics VSR400 (UK)
    VNT calibration: Turboclinic VNT Analyzer (Portugal) + VNTD750 (Serbia)
    Actuators diagnostic: Deltatech VNTT-Pro (Poland), G3 Rea-Master (UK), TurboControl (UK)

    Before purchasing, please check the turbocharger number from the plate on the compressor housing of the turbo. 


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