About Us
is a young, dynamic brand offering a wide range of services for the sale, replacement and restoration of automotive turbochargers.
Our company is the official distributor of the Lithuanian company Turbocentras UAB, which has been working with turbines for more than 20 years. The long-term experience and high standards of our key supplier determine the high quality of the goods and services we offer.

While developing our company’s strategy, we have identified our main goal as to provide comprehensive services to enterprises for the repair of turbines. We address offers both to companies dealing with turbochargers repairment and to individuals planning to restore their own turbine.

We provide spare parts of both our own production and global manufacturers such as BorgWarner (3K, KKK), Hitachi, Holset, Garrett, IHI Turbo, Mitsubishi, Toyota.

All our products are created under the supervision of experienced engineers with many years of experience in companies such as Garrett or BrogWarner. This allows us to provide the best quality and accuracy of each part.
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